Three word bubbles compare perspectives labeled "disregard," "correctness," and "care." Click through for full image description. Conscious Communication and the Power of Language - Using language consciously and anti-oppressively is rooted in care, not correctness. It's not about censoring or restricting words; it's about expanding them.
Infographic titled "abortion and gender diversity: how to be inclusive" How to Write About Abortion in Trans-Inclusive Ways: 7 Best Practices - The landscape of gender, bodies, rights, justice, and language is super complex and nuanced, so our approaches to it have to be complex and nuanced too. Here are seven practices that can help.
Speech bubbles show a conversation between someone who says words can't hurt and someone who knows they do The Power of Everyday Language to Cause Harm - Words matter. Find out how everyday language causes harm by making certain folks seem less than human, abnormal, or nonexistent.
What's in a word: "Queer" What’s in a Word: Queer - "Queer" is an incredibly fraught and misunderstood word. Learn the history of the evolution of "queer" and the radical copyeditor's dos and don'ts for how to use the word today.
Word bubbles containing different terms used to describe everyone who's not cisgender and explanatory text Ask a Radical Copyeditor: What’s the Best Way to Refer to Everyone Who Isn’t Cis? - A dive into various umbrella terms, why "trans" isn't usually adequate, and how to be radically inclusive with your language.
What's in a word: "Patron" Want More Radical Copyeditor in Your Life? - An opportunity to support your friendly neighborhood radical copyeditor and also get access to more fabulous content!
Two collections of speech bubbles, sharing negative synonyms and phrases related to darkness and positive ones related to lightness Dark and Light: Practicing Balance—and Countering Racism—in Metaphors - Metaphors have deep power, and the widespread use of darkness/blackness to mean negative concepts has inestimable effects.
Sex vs. gender? Speech bubbles contrast between the approach of the hard-liner vs. the radical copyeditor Update to Transgender Style Guide: “Sex Versus Gender,” Intersex Considerations, Talking About Transition, and More! - The fourth major update to the Radical Copyeditor's Style Guide for Writing About Trans People
Speech bubbles containing phrases that perpetuate oppression against Indigenous Peoples Thirty Everyday Phrases that Perpetuate the Oppression of Indigenous Peoples - Language is a vessel of cultural stories, values, and norms—and in the U.S., everyday language perpetuates the oppression of Indigenous Peoples. Learn 30 terms worth questioning in terms of their origins and impact.
Dear JK Rowling and the world, Please stop employing the "cross-dressing killer" archetype. Your fictional representations are killing real-life trans women. Sincerely, Radical Copyeditor It’s Time to Reject the “Cross-Dressing Killer” Archetype: An Open Letter to JK Rowling and the World - The "cross-dressing killer" is a fictional archetype that has caused immense harm to trans communities. It's time to stop telling these stories.