Want More Radical Copyeditor in Your Life?

What's in a word: "Patron"
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Dear friends and followers,

Four and a half years ago, I decided to launch a project on using language in anti-oppressive, liberatory ways. It’s been really gratifying to create content on all sorts of things I’ve thought about and practiced for years, and I’ve been so happy to hear that my work is helpful.

I don’t post all that often because as a financially vulnerable freelancer it’s hard to prioritize unpaid work, but I want to change that! So I’m inviting you to support me, via my new Patreon page, in putting more content out in the world. In exchange, you’ll get an inside scoop on edits I make, questions I answer, and fabulous content I come across from other language lovers and activists.

I have a long list of topics I want to write about—neutral versus inclusive language, what the word intersectionality actually means (and what it doesn’t), how to avoid ableist metaphors, why queer is my favorite word, and lots more—and I also have a zygote of a desire to write a book on radical copyediting, which would be an enormous undertaking that I would definitely need help to pull off. 

So if you have a few extra dollars, please consider joining my new Patreon community. Everyone who supports me with $3 a month or more will get access to regular member-only mini-posts, and I’ll be able to create even more of the free in-depth content you’ve come to know and love on my website. I’ll also send you a November 2020 webinar I led, titled “Language Is Power: Using (and Teaching) Liberatory Language Practices.”

Thanks for reading, and thanks for your dedication to using words for good!


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