I work with individuals, groups, and organizations that want their publications, resources, and other material to be sensitive and anti-oppressive with regards to race, class, sexuality, gender, ability, age, body size, religion, nationality, and more.

My services include consulting, resource development, content creation, developmental editing, ghostwriting, line editing, basic copyediting, fact checking, and proofing. I am well versed in APA, Chicago, and AP style manuals.

I can help with reports, articles, book manuscripts, papers, dissertations, blog posts, flyers, websites, speeches, and much more. Hoping to turn a 10-page report into a 1-page handout? I can do that. Want to revise your website to be more engaging, communicative, and inclusive? I’ve got you covered. Need to have a social justice–oriented publication edited? No problem.

If I’m not the best person for a job I always do my best to connect people with other editors and consultants who have lived experience as people of color, disabled folks, queer and trans folks, people from particular religious or cultural backgrounds, and so forth.

Interested in chatting with me about a project, or want a quote? Contact me!

Past and current clients

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Examples of past work


Four reports: "Disabled Behind Bars," "Moving Beyond 'Us vs. Them' Politics," "The Economic Impacts of Removing Unauthorized Immigrant Workers," and "A Clean Energy Action Plan for the United States"

Practicing What We PreachIntersecting Injustice: A National Call to Action"Bisexuality" and "A Time to Embrace," two publications from the Religious Institute

Developmental editing

Nina Here Nor There: My Journey Beyond GenderAre We Born Racist?: New Insights from Neuroscience and Positive PsychologyStudy Guide: Escalating InequalityOur Whole Lives: Sexuality Education for Grades 7-9

Ghostwriting and content development

Tipsheet series on integrating people of all genders into shelters


Site design, reorganization, and text rewriting

Transforming Hearts Collective home page MLTS home page

UUMFE home page  The Art of Meaning home page