Image Description: Want More Radical Copyeditor in Your Life?

Full description of the featured image for the post “Want More Radical Copyeditor in Your Life?”:

The title “What’s in a word?” appears at the top of the page, followed by the word “patron” in bold.

Definitions of two words follow. Patron (noun): One who protects, supports, or encourages. Patreon (noun): A membership site where people support their favorite creators (artists, writers, etc.) via bite-sized monthly contributions, in exchange for exclusive content and/or the knowledge that they are making community-supported arts possible. 

Finally, the following text appears: Want more radical copyediting in your life? Have a few extra dollars to support your friendly neighborhood radical copyeditor? Join my new Patreon community! Visit

At the bottom of the graphic, the paper the words appear on emerges from a typewriter. Above the typewriter ribbon is the black text www. copyeditor. com with the red word “radical” inserted so that, edited, it reads www. radicalcopyeditor. com.

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Why does this page exist? Because folks who are blind and depend on screen readers can’t tell what’s in an image without a description, and an image like this one deserves a more thorough description than can be provided via alt text. Learn more about web accessibility from WebAIM: Web Accessibility in Mind.