Ask a Radical Copyeditor: Latinx


Ask a Radical Copyeditor


Q: I’ve seen you and a bunch of others post the word Latinx and I want to understand it. What does it refer to? And how would one say it?

A: The word Latinx (pronounced La-teen-ex) was developed out of a recognition that not everyone is a woman or a man, so terms like Latino/Latina, Latina/o, and Latin@ aren’t inclusive or encompassing enough.

Latinx has been in use for years by non-binary people of Latin American descent or culture, and became popularized in 2014. It’s used both as a self-identity term and also as a replacement for previous words that refer to all people of Latin American descent or culture.

All people are welcome and encouraged to use the word Latinx instead of Latino, Latina/o, and Latin@. For a comprehensive and fantastic conversation about Latinx, check out the 11-minute “Latinx: The Ungendering of the Spanish Language” segment from Latino USA (hat tip to LeLaina Romero for sending it my way!). You can also find out more about Latinx from Flama,, and Latino Rebels.

What’s your take on Latinx? Comment below! Want to ask a radical copyeditor something? Contact me!

One thought on “Ask a Radical Copyeditor: Latinx

  1. I have recently heard push-back against all the Latin? forms and against “Hispanic” as ignoring the many indigenous folks of Central and South America in favor of the European settler/colonialists. I recognize the validity, but am stumped for an alternative. (The occasion was a conference session that did not allow for a Q&A.) Thoughts welcome.


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