The Spectrum of Language: Image Description

Full description of the featured image for the post “The Spectrum of Language” (text accompanied by word bubbles that illustrate the text):

Title: The Spectrum of Language

VIOLENT: Actively communicates hate, disgust, or intolerance. Speech bubbles say: “GOD HATES F*GS” and “filthy n****r.”

CODED: Consciously or unconsciously communicates prejudice, disdain, or judgment in covert ways. Speech bubbles say: “traditional family values” and “disrespectful inner-city kids.”

UNQUESTIONED: Everyday language containing subtle cues regarding who and what is valuable and normal. Speech bubbles say: “Have you met any nice girls?” and “clean, pure white.”

MINIMIZING: Well-intentioned language unconsciously maintaining norms and supporting the status quo. Speech bubbles say: “I don’t think of you as gay!” and “You’re so articulate!”

LIBERATORY: Affirms all life; communicates love, compassion, and nonviolence; and imbues subjects with agency. Speech bubbles say: “all sexualities are sacred” and “Black Lives Matter.”

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