Image Description: Update to Transgender Style Guide: “Sex Versus Gender,” Intersex Considerations, Talking About Transitions, and More!

Full description of the featured image for the post “Update to Transgender Style Guide: ‘Sex Versus Gender,’ Intersex Considerations, Talking About Transition, and More!”:

Title says: Sex vs. gender?

Two groups of speech bubbles are contrasted. The first, labeled “hard-liner,” says “Sex and gender are fundamentally different things and should be referred to with completely separate language” and “Gender is a cultural construct but sex is hardwired and immutable.” The second, labeled “radical copyeditor,” says “Gender is a complex system of meaning, informed by biology, identity, expression, and more” and “Our understanding of ‘sex’ is also a cultural construct” and “Trans women aren’t ‘male’” and “Words like female, girl, woman, femme, dyke, and mother all reflect a mix of meaning.”

Text underneath says:

Don’t tie yourself in knots to avoid using “female” and “male” as adjectives, when warranted, and never tell someone how to identify (e.g., as a woman, not as female). Learn more from the latest update to the trans style guide at!

At the bottom of the graphic, the paper the words appear on emerges from a typewriter. Above the typewriter ribbon is the black text www. copyeditor. com with the red word “radical” inserted so that, edited, it reads www. radicalcopyeditor. com.

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