Image Description: Thirty Everyday Phrases that Perpetuate the Oppression of Indigenous Peoples

Full description of the featured image for the post “Thirty Everyday Phrases that Perpetuate the Oppression of Indigenous Peoples”:

Sixteen speech bubbles float in a group, containing the following phrases: Low man on the totem pole, powwow, off the reservation, savage, spirit animal, rain dance, red***n, I got scalped, hold down the fort, shaman, bury the hatchet, peace pipe, on the warpath, Indian giver, circle the wagons, Geronimo!

Text underneath says:

Language is a vessel of cultural stories, values, and norms—and in the United States, everyday language perpetuates the oppression of Indigenous Peoples. Indigenous Peoples exist and deserve respect; they are not historical artifacts, caricatures, or mascots. Practice this truth by questioning the origins and impact of your words.

At the bottom of the graphic, the paper the words appear on emerges from a typewriter. Above the typewriter ribbon is the black text www. copyeditor. com with the red word “radical” inserted so that, edited, it reads www. radicalcopyeditor. com.

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