Image Description: Re-Humanizing Immigrant Communities in the Age of Trump: 5 Language Practices

Full description of the featured image for the post “Re-Humanizing Immigrant Communities in the Age of Trump: 5 Language Practices” (speech bubbles and text):

Title: Re-Humanizing Immigrant Communities

In bold, underneath: “concentration camps”

On the left, two speech bubbles say:
Does it disrespect or honor the victims of the Holocaust?
“What is the ‘correct’ definition of ‘concentration camp’ and is it being accurately applied?”
The label “deflection” appears underneath.

On the right, one speech bubble says:
“How am I morally obligated to describe and respond to what is happening at the U.S.-Mexico border?”
The label “essential inquiry” appears underneath.

Text underneath the speech bubbles says:

The hubbub over whether it’s appropriate to call these facilities “concentration camps” obscures the issue: whatever your feelings about that phrase, “detention center” and other terms are euphemisms that mask atrocities. The people confined in them call them la perrera (the dog pound) and pinche cárcel (a fucking prison).

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