Should I Use the Adjective “Diverse”?: Image Description

Full description of the featured image for the post “Should I Use the Adjective ‘Diverse’?” (a flowchart illustrating whether or not a particular use of the word diverse is correct):

Title: “Should I Use the Adjective ‘Diverse’?”

Top of chart begins Q: “Is the noun you are describing a singular noun?”

1. If “Yes” to singular noun, then Q: “Does it represent a multitude or plurality, like ‘neighborhood’ or ‘staff’?”
1a. If “No,” then: “Don’t use ‘diverse.’ One solitary person, place, or thing cannot be diverse. There is no such thing as a diverse person.”

2. If “No” to singular noun or “Yes” to multitude or plurality, then Q: “Are you trying to point to its minority or marginalized status, nondominance, being outside of the cultural norm?” (3 options)

2a. If “Say what?” then “Do you mean ‘black’?” If “Yes” see 2b. If “No” see 2c.
2b. If “Yes”: “Then ‘diverse’ is not the correct word—that’s not what it means. Don’t use it as a euphemism.” See 2c(i).
2c. If “No” then: “Are you describing the fact that it is varied; made up of many elements that differ from one another?

2c(i). If “No” to 2c, then: “Get a dictionary and find a new word; you’re using ‘diverse’ incorrectly.
2c(ii). If “Yes” to 2c, then: “Excellent! You are correctly using the word ‘diverse.'”

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