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I work with individuals, groups, and organizations that want their publications, resources, and other material to be sensitive and anti-oppressive with regards to race, class, sexuality, gender, ability, age, body size, religion, nationality, and more.

I have skills and experience with a frankly ridiculous variety of editing-related work, including consulting, resource development, content creation, developmental editing, ghostwriting, sensitivity reading, fact checking, proofreading, website design and editing, and, of course, copyediting. I am well versed in APA, Chicago, and AP style manuals.

The work I’m currently most jazzed about is sensitivity reads, copyediting, consulting, guest speaking, and workshop facilitation. I love working with organizations that want to deepen their practice of conscious language and I also love serving as a guest speaker or workshop facilitator in college/university classes, speaker series, publishing houses, and the like. 

If I’m not the best person for a job I always do my best to connect people with other editors and consultants who have lived experience as people of color, disabled folks, queer and trans folks, people from particular religious or cultural backgrounds, and so forth.

Interested in chatting with me about a project, or want a quote? Contact me! Want more radical copyediting in your life? Join my Patreon community!

Current and past clients

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